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European Facial
$165 / 60 minutes 
$215 / 90 minutes

This facial cleanses, exfoliates and massages the skin, promoting circulation, stimulation of cellular renewal and relaxation.

Vitamin C Facial
$170 / 60 minutes 
$220 / 90 minutes

An antioxidant treatment that improves your skin's quality and appearance, strengthens skin elasticity and assists in reversing signs of premature aging.

Oxygenated Facial
$170 / 60 minutes 
$220 / 90 minutes

This facial is ideal for all skin types. By stimulating cellular activity, this treatment transforms your skin from lackluster to glowing vibrancy.

Gentleman Facial 
$165 / 60 minutes 
$215 / 90 minutes

Steamed towel facial with moisturizing oils to energize and replenish your skin. This treatment reduces irritation and soothes ingrown hairs caused by daily shaving.

Teen Facial 
$160 / 60 minutes 
$210 / 90 minutes

This facial is great for our younger teens, struggling with irregular and overactive hormones. Your facial will be specially formulated to complement your skin's condition.

"Boel-Tox" Facial 
$175 / 60 minutes 
$215 / 90 minutes

Specially formulated and customized through years of practice and brought to you by popular demand, this intense and invigorating facial will improve elasticity and tone in your skin, providing a "no-needles" facelift. 

Exfoliating Back Facial

$165 / 60 minutes

Relax and enjoy this luxurious back massage, exfoliating body scrub, and a deep pore cleansing followed by either a purifying or hydrating mask to compliment the body's needs. This treatment removes impurities from beneath the skin's surface, allowing it to breathe, preventing future breakouts and leaving the skin incredibly smooth. 

Facial Enhancements
Facial Rose Oil Glow Up
add 10 minutes to any treatment for a lift, plump and glow up
$40 / $25 without extra time added
Lip Treatment 

Gently erases dryness and fine lines.


Mud Masque

Features rejuvenating and detoxifying clays. 


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