Special Treatments


Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle hands-on procedure for relieving pain and disfunction of the cranial sacral system; the brain and spinal cord, bones of the skull, sacrum and interconnected membranes. Benefit for TMJ, migraine and chronic pain as well as enhancing the immune system. 


Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils are applied to the spine, back and vital flex points in the feet. Gentle feathering and massage techniques promote alignment and well being. Beneficial for those with arthritis and scoliosis.

30 Minutes for $80.

1 Hour for $160.

Group Sessions

The Romantic Getaway
Couples massage with aromatherapy and steamed towel.
1 Hour for $160 per person
Honeymoon Special
Couples massage with warm wax oil, foot treatment, Moroccan scalp treatment and a bottle of champagne. 
Approx. 2 Hours for $250 per person

Spa Parties

Perfect gift for birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers and other special occasions.

Private Classes

1 Hour Class - $180 for a maximum of 6 people.
(groups of 7 people or more will be additionally charged $25 per person)
Salsa Dancing
1 Hour Class starting at $240 for 6 people - longer and/or bigger classes are available by request - No experience necessary!