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Our Boutique Spa at  Sapphire Village

If we can't come to you, you can always come to us.

Come visit our lovely Boutique Spa located in a beautiful beach side resort, tucked away from the main tourist crowds but close & convenient to Red Hook’s highlights. 

Our boutique spa is characterized by the intimate atmosphere & individualistic style which allows us to offer personalized attention to all of our guest. Our highly personalized service is a Trademark of our spa. We offer classic spa treatments, that create an eminent, individualized experience. 




We find the importance of seeking out ways to create balance and to create an environment of self-care. Incorporating bodywork or facials into your lifestyle is a benefit to your overall health and promotes wellness for both your body & mind. 

Spa to Go @ Sapphire Village focuses on a wellness-centered life.

Come let our team take special care of you. 

Take a moment for yourself & book an appointment with us now! 

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